Do you feel like you’re getting everything you need from your current ticketing provider? It can be pretty hit or miss. There are a lot of things you may not even realize you’re missing out on. We, at ExtremeTix, have years of experience in this industry. We know what you deserve as a client and what your event needs to be successful. Here are the three main signs that it might be time to partner with someone new:

1. They aren’t dedicated to you.

You have a question about payments, want to add a discount code, need to change your event’s time…when you call for support, do you really want a random person answering the phone? We didn’t think so. It’s important to have an Account Manager that’s there for you when you need them. At ExtremeTix, we make sure that our clients don’t have to explain the intricacies of their event to a new person every time they call. You’ll have an experienced and dedicated manager to guide your event from start to finish, every single step of the way.

2. They’re not there for your ticket buyers.

Let’s say it’s the morning of your event and one of your customers is having trouble printing their ticket. Do they have someone they can call for help? ExtremeTix is unlike most ticketing providers when it comes to customer support. We have an in-office call center that’s open 365 days a year. Yes, you read that right. Evenings, weekends, even holidays…we have you covered. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives make sure to answer any and every question your guests may have when it comes to ticketing.

3. They’re way behind when it comes to technology.

Technology is constantly evolving…but is your ticketing provider? At ExtremeTix, we are always aiming to be ahead of the curve. We strongly believe that if you aren’t staying ahead, you’re falling behind! That’s why we never stop making improvements to our ticketing platform. The steady increase in mobile purchases led us to adopt a “mobile-first” attitude when developing anything new. Does your current ticket provider have an award-winning mobile experience? Ours does.

Think you might not be getting enough from your current ticketing provider? There could be a better fit. Making the switch to ExtremeTix is easy! Click here to download our guide. 

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