Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran when it comes to event ticketing...there’s a big chance that you’re missing out on opportunities to make even more money. ExtremeTix has years of experience helping our clients get the most out of their event revenue. We’ve put together some tips for how to help your event increase profits before your guests even arrive.


Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade! Offering your guests the option to upgrade their tickets to a VIP or Premium section is a great idea. If you have tickets at multiple price points, you can always ask customers who want to buy the lower price, “are you sure you don’t want VIP for just a bit more?” Upselling works - especially if they have the option to add perks to the GA ticket they already plan to buy. If you have any special reserved parking, meet and greets, prime viewing areas, etc.…it’s a good idea to give customers a nudge in that direction during the ticket buying process.


Another way to increase revenue is with merchandise - T-shirts, souvenir posters, and so on. People love adding things they can remember the event by. If it’s a beer festival, prompt your customers to add a limited edition pint glass to their order. If it’s a music festival, ask them if they want to add a t-shirt with this year’s logo. If you have merchandise or are thinking about selling some, it’s really a great opportunity - especially when you make it into a combo and offer the ability to add it to the ticket purchase.


Cross-selling is another great way to increase sales. If your customers like this band, maybe they’ll like that one too! People tend to enjoy music from similar genres, sporting events for the same team, etc. Remind your customers of who else is coming to town! This also works great with theaters that have multiple plays during their season. Cross-selling is a good opportunity for venues with several events to take advantage of repeat business and potential patronage.  

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ExtremeTix offers a variety of upselling prompts and what we call ‘additional information pages’ (even on mobile!) Our event ticketing platform has these unique tools which allow us to create your purchase page in a way that’s tailored to your event or venue’s specific needs. Whether that’s promoting t-shirt sales, reserved parking, VIP seats, or season passes…we have you covered. Our goal is to help your event be as successful as possible. Ask us how these tools can be helpful for you!  

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