As the person in charge of ticket sales, you want to use every tool and resource available to sell out, right? Your event managers are working hard to produce great entertainment, and your job is to make sure you round up a large enough audience to enjoy it. Use Facebook to leverage your tickets sales. More specifically, take advantage of Facebook Ads, ticket giveaway contests, and adding Buy Tickets buttons to your page to optimize your social presence. 

Using Facebook to Sell Tickets

1. Facebook Ads: Create the right audience & serve the right ads

The Right Audience:

If your ad has no relevance to your audiences’ interests, they won’t look twice at your ad… Or worse, they’ll hide it or report it! Facebook knows the location and demographic data of most of its users. It also records users Facebook activity such as job titles, interests and hobbies. All of which are available for you to target your ads.

Here are some audience ideas you can target on Facebook:

  • An email list of your previous ticket buyers
  • Your website visitors
  • People who are interested in your headliners
  • People based on their income
  • Above-average online spenders

The Right Ad:

There are numerous places where your ad will show on Facebook. Be sure to use the right dimensions for your ad image so it’s not cut off on any of the sides. For the text portion of your ad, less is more. This is not the time to list every single headliner, performance times and all sponsors. All you need is the basic information: Event name, date, “buy tickets now” and the link to buy tickets. Remind your audience why they don’t want to miss your event!

Here are more tips for your ad:

  • Include a video – recycle an existing commercial or ask the artists performing at your event if you can use one of theirs.
  • Or include multiple images – if you do not have a video, use the carousel image option to include multiple images in your ad. Make sure your images are not pixelated, don’t have a lot of text, and make sure they stand out.
  • When creating your ad, be sure to review all the placements where your ad will show. The ad placements have various character limits and have different image dimensions. Make sure no matter where your ad is placed, it provides a clear message and a nicely placed video or carousel.

Attractable audience + attractive ads = more ticket sales

2. Host ticket giveaways

People love free stuff and people love entertainment. Put the two together and you have a potentially viral post on your hands! A ticket giveaway is a great way to get people talking about your event. Not everyone will win, but once the contest is over, you’ll have a precise list of interested fans (that you can email or target ads too).

Set aside a few pairs of VIP tickets, schedule when you’ll announce the giveaway, when you’ll send out a reminder (optional), and when you’ll select / announce the winners. Next you’ll want to create a stunning graphic and draft up the content for your post.

Content to include in your post:

  • Event name and date
  • Exactly what you’re giving away
  • Criteria to enter to win
  • When you’ll announce winners
  • Any fine print necessary
  • Link to enter to win

Your Facebook post should lead to a simple landing page where the contestants can fill out a form to enter to win. This is the opportunity to capture their name, email, phone, and any interests you’d like to learn about them.

Announce the winner and send the rest of the contestants an email thanking them for participating and provide them with the link to purchase tickets. A ticket giveaway is a great way to get your audience pumped up, gather fan information, and creates one more avenue to drive ticket sales.

3. Add the option to purchase tickets directly from your page

Adding a tab to your Facebook Business page requires two parts. The first is configuring the actual tab via Facebook for developers and the second part is adding the tab to your Facebook Business page. The second step can be a bit tricky – we’ll be happy to help you. Email if you would like a copy of our guide on how to add a Buy Tickets tab to your Facebook page.

Promoting ticket sales online is something we live for! Check out our post, Selling Through Social Media to learn more tips and tricks to drive online ticket sales.



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