We are going to take a peek at the business side of the airshow business...

Profits Are a Good Thing

Yes - like it or not, airshows are indeed businesses. Too many airshows take their “non-profit” moniker far too literally.  The rules do not say you cannot make a profit. You just cannot walk away with it.  The reason you have the show is to generate more than you spend, so your entity can use these “profits” to do good work. There are only two ways to increase profits. You can either lower costs…or increase income. You can only save so much but you can increase revenue exponentially and eternally - there is no limit!  

Forget What You’ve Been Told

Look beyond the car lot sales training or the last timeshare presentation you fell into. Forget the ABC’s of sales (Always Be Closing) and the “most important question.” I actually plan on seeing the people I deal with again (and again and again.) Therefore my number one tip is from Zig Ziglar, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want”. Don’t sell from your need to make a sale; sell from your need to fulfill their need for what you just so happen to have. Don’t sell your act because you need a show that weekend; sell your act because their show needs you and your ability to generate money.  

Mutually Beneficial

Take a hard look at what you’re selling and figure out how you can help the people you are selling to. When you approach a local business for a sponsorship deal, don’t approach them by telling them your airshow really needs it. That sponsor doesn’t care what you need; they care if being associated with your show will increase their revenue. If you recognize what you can do for them, in turn you will get what you need. Instead of just trying to “sell them,” think of how your unique opportunities and adventures can help them.

Don’t let the idea that your airshow is “non-profit” stop you from reaching your full potential. The more profits you make, the better your organization can become. Change your sales approach to one based on mutual benefit for both parties and watch how doors open quickly and more often than you ever expected!


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