You can create an event marketing strategy capable of maximizing ticket sales and revenue when you understand your audience's buying habits. Think about it. If you know when, where, and how your tickets are being purchased, then you can target your future marketing efforts to those times, locations, and platforms.

At ExtremeTix, we strive to make every event and attraction a success—that’s why we continue to fine-tune our innovative ticketing platform, provide clients with detailed post-event reports, and are sharing data mining tips to help you better reach your target.

The Information Is Out There

In today’s digital world, data is incredibly easy to collect. The challenge, however, is sifting through this information to find what’s important. Thankfully, there are a few tools you can implement on your ticket purchase page that will do the hard work for you.

Give These Data Mining Tools a Try

Google Analytics

Everyone knows Google, but not everyone is familiar with Google Analytics. This tool tracks and reports website traffic. It can tell you who visited your ticket purchase page, who bought tickets, and even a little about their demographics. If you are new to Google Analytics take a look at this Beginner’s Guide.

Pixel Tracking

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon and then seen advertisements for that same product everywhere? Sometimes it’s annoying, but it can also be a helpful reminder to go back and make a purchase. Pixel tracking enables these types of retargeting ads. It’s an invisible 1x1 pixel image placed on a website, like your ticketing purchase page, which collects data for the purpose of retargeting.

Automated Email Platform

Your email platform tool isn’t something you install on a web page, but it can tell you a lot about your audience. If your marketing strategy includes sending targeted emails, which it should, then sending them from MailChimp or another automated email marketing platform can tell you who opened your email and if they clicked a link.


That’s right! A social media platform can tell you a lot about attendees and help you reach them.

You can check Facebook or other platforms for event hashtags, add the option to purchase tickets from your event page and even target specific demographics.

It requires a lot of work to turn data sets into useful information capable of maximizing your marketing efforts, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Hire ExtremeTix For Full Service

We make sure the entire ticketing process, from start to finish, is seamless for clients and customers alike. We’ll set you up on our award-winning mobile ticketing platform and even assist with your event marketing by collecting and sharing key insights.

Our post-event analysis reveals extensive insights to our clients about how their event performed. If this isn’t their first year with us, we can even provide a year over year comparison of event performance. We don’t want to give away too many of our trade secrets, but we can share that our post-event analysis reports include data on ticket redemption, sales timelines, ticket types sold, customer demographics and more.

Using this information, we can help you fine-tune a marketing plan and grow your attendance (and subsequently your revenue) year after year.
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