ExtremeTix has been around for over 17 years as a leading ‘go-to’ ticketing solution, and during that time we have been fortunate enough to have attracted talented team members who are dedicated to helping us grow. One of those extremely talented people is our Vice President of Motorsports, John Haak.

Extreme Expertise

Since joining our team in 2003, John Haak has become one of our most valued and tenured team members. Being a family man and an ordained minister, connecting with people comes naturally to John. At ExtremeTix he specializes in sales for both motorsports and airshows. Having personally attended over 250 airshows, this has become John’s area of expertise; he could tell you anything you’d like to know about them. This expertise is a big reason why we have the largest market share of airshows in North America.

He’s been to shows and races all across the country, seen every jet team perform, and met every pilot and race car driver from Captain “Sully” Sullenberger to Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

Extreme Relationships

John Haak is known for the relationships that he forms with our clients. Being in this business for so long has led him to understand airshow ticketing like no one else can. He explains that we acquire new motorsport and airshow clients all the time, but also nurture many strong and sustained relationships. The first airshow we ever ticketed was Florida International Airshow – 14 years later they’re still a client of ours. John explains his desire to connect with the people he works with:

“Every single one of my clients becomes part of my flock and my job is to make sure they have what they need. I am not letting go of these people. These are my people. I still talk to them every day.”

Extreme Experience

John believes that what sets us apart from other ticketing providers is our experience

"We have a strong history…and that history involves leading technology.”

 “If you look at other companies in this industry it’s really hard to find a percentage of people with 10+ years in this business. What makes us different is our experience. We pioneered the print-at-home ticket. We were the very first company in the United States to make a mobile ticket. We have a strong history…and that history involves leading technology.”

To find out more about John and what he can do for your event, reach out to him on LinkedIn

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