ExtremeTix is very fortunate to have a team of experienced and talented individuals who know the event ticketing industry through and through. One of our most valued and tenured employees is Wes Winn. Wes has been with the company since 2009 and this year has transitioned from his role as Senior Account Manager into a new position with our Sales team.

Extreme Experience

Being an Account Manager for so long allowed Wes the opportunity to form some really great relationships with clients. Through these relationships, Wes has developed quite a network of people in the event industry. A lot of our Sales Representatives tend to have a niche when it comes to their clientele. Although Wes is interested in events of all kinds, he has managed to organically grow an extensive network in the Food & Beverage industry. As someone who enjoys craft beer, wine, and cooking all types of cuisine, Wes’s own interest in this industry is surely a big reason why he’s able to connect so well with this clientele in particular.

Extreme Local Events

ExtremeTix is headquartered in Houston, Texas and as a native Houstonian himself, Wes sees plenty of potential to partner with local events. “We’re the fourth largest city and we’re very event-centric. We’re really the only ticketing company in Houston and being that this is our backyard, I think it’s a great idea to be proactive and try to meet the people who host events here.” 

Extreme Service

"...partnering with us not only gives you a great product with a lot of functionality but people that can provide guidance..."

Along with the huge variety of events in the Houston area, Wes has also worked with events all across the country from live music to wine festivals to PGA tournaments and more. One thing that’s been a constant throughout it all is the confidence he has in our service model. “When you have a wealth of knowledge within a ticketing company like we do, partnering with us not only gives you a great product with a lot of functionality but people that can provide guidance and show you how to set up your event the right way. We make sure everything’s easy for the client and it’s really rewarding when you can make a suggestion that helps them.”

To find out more about what it means to partner with ExtremeTix, click here or reach out to Wes on LinkedIn

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