ExtremeTix is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Fan Central Station – an app that makes it even easier for ticket buyers to “Search. Find. Buy. Enjoy!” Fan Central Station is a totally free iPhone app that helps consumers find local events and purchase tickets directly through that event’s authorized seller.

Buying Tickets Just Got Easier

You’ll never have to worry about secondary ticket sellers who gouge prices or scalpers who may not be legitimate. With Fan Central Station, no matter where you are in the country, you can find the best prices on whatever type of event you’re looking for. You won’t have to search through multiple vendors to find the event you’d like. Fans will automatically be directed to the right seller. This app helps customers find not only tickets, but other authentic content such as music, videos, and merchandise. There are no gimmicks, no added fees, nothing for the consumer to worry about except choosing which event to go to!

An Easy Avenue to Find ExtremeTix Events

ExtremeTix has partnered with Fan Central Station to make our events across the country even easier for fans to access at their fingertips. We find ourselves in great company alongside other industry leaders such as Ticketmaster, Amazon, Uber, Eventbrite, YouTube, and more. We are thrilled to be part of this app that showcases events from so many great vendors. Whether you’re looking for tickets to a football game, a comedy show, or an opera…check out what Fan Central Station has to offer in your area. Maybe ExtremeTix has just the ticket! Click here to read what Fan Central Station has to say about us.  

Download the app & start browsing today. 

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