ExtremeTix is pleased to announce that we are a finalist for the “Move to Mobile” Award at the Ticketing Technology Awards 2017!

About the Ticketing Technology Awards

Ticketing Technology Awards recognize leadership, innovation and achievement in the application of technology in ticketing across sports, performing arts, music, cinema, live entertainment and visitor attractions. The Awards aim to increase the standards and best practice of mobile ticketing, drive awareness and adoption of future ticketing technology, and improve the customer experience for ticket-buyers across all sectors.

This year’s awards will be given out on April 5th at the Ticketing Technology Forum held in Dublin, Ireland. We’re honored to be recognized in the “Move to Mobile” category alongside mobile ticketing system providers from all over the world including the United Kingdom, China, and The Netherlands.

ExtremeTix’s Mobile Ticketing System

At ExtremeTix, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer customers the most seamless ticket and mobile ticket buying experience possible. Our mobile ticket purchase platform has been crafted by our team to do just that.

Our goal is and always has been to provide our clients and their patrons with an unparalleled amount of support. We are confident that our enhanced mobile experience provides a quick and easy purchase and redemption for everyone accessing ExtremeTix on their smartphone. Along with being a forward driven ticket provider that allows customers to select their own seat during mobile ticket purchase, our intuitive mobile sites provide ticket-buyers with all the necessary information including: 

·       Section/row/seat number

·       Transaction ID for easy look up

·       Purchaser name

·       Venue/event location

·       2D scannable barcode

·       Option to buy more tickets

At ExtremeTix we are incredibly proud of our technological strides and our team’s constant efforts to stay up-to-date with the needs of ticket-buyers. That’s why this award means so much to us.


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