At ExtremeTix, we ticket a wide variety of events. But we know that there’s nothing quite like a sporting event. That energy in the air, the players getting prepared, the crowd going wild – it’s unlike anything else. If you have the same competitive nature as an athlete when it comes to your ticket sales… we’ve got some tips to make sure your games are a hit.

Follow a Marketing Strategy

The best way to get the word out about your upcoming season is to market it! Come up with a strategy that utilizes social media, paid ads, email and more. Get fans excited about their favorite team by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms can be used during games too to show potential fans what they’re missing out on. Post fun photos of star players, cheering fans, and anything to get people excited. It’s a good idea to use Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to target a specific demographic, like soccer fans in your town, for instance. Email announcements are another way to grab attention. If you have a list of previous or potential customers, let them know when the season’s just around the corner. Offer early bird discounts, subscription packages, and more. Giving people the inside scoop is a surefire way to increase ticket sales.

Make it Easy to Buy Tickets

Another way to make sure ticket sales are up to par is to make it easy for your fans to buy! No one wants to search online or struggle to find your purchase site. Put links everywhere - on your website, on your Facebook page, and in your emails. Have CTA (Call To Action) buttons easily accessible. These are buttons with links to your purchase page that say things like “Buy Now” or “Click for Tickets”. With mobile ticket sales on the rise every year, having a purchase page optimized for mobile is important, too. Being able to scan a football ticket directly from a phone makes entry into the game super quick and easy. This is something fans have grown to expect when they go to an event. They don’t want any hassle when they’re running late and it’s just moments before kickoff!

Partner with Ticketing Experts

ExtremeTix has over 18 years of sports ticketing experience - from high school football to drag racing to professional golf tournaments and more. We know what it takes to guide your season from start to finish. With our award-winning mobile experience, seamless and quick gate entry, 7-day-a-week customer support center, and dedicated team behind you…we can turn any sporting event into a success. Click here to learn more about out how ExtremeTix can make your event a home run. 

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