So, your event’s over. It was a huge success and everyone had a blast…but how do you keep your ticket buyers engaged? Events that only happen once a year still need to keep momentum going with their fans. Make sure your guests want to come back next year! Here’s how to keep your event ticket buyers in the loop and make sure they’re on board for what’s to come:

Say Thank You

A few days after your event, utilize any customer lists you may have of your online purchasers. Send out an email thanking everyone for coming. You can even include a survey asking your guests what they enjoyed most, what they would like to see done differently at the next event, etc. Not only does this keep them involved with your organization, it helps you gauge how to handle next year even better. Plus, everyone appreciates a thank you! It’s a good idea to open up the dialogue and let fans know this isn’t the last they’ll hear from you.

Utilize Social Media

A week or so after your event, post on social media about it. If you have any high quality photos or videos showcasing the event, share them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post highlights and remind everyone just how much fun they had. Ask your ticket buyers to leave comments with their favorite memory or with suggestions for what they might like to see next year. Again, this feedback is helpful to you. But it also keeps the line of communication open while giving your guests a chance to relive all the fun they had.

Treat Them Like VIPs

Another great way to keep people engaged is with insider offers! Offer early bird discounts to people who bought last year. Email your attendee list a discount code as a thanks for coming last time. Offer premium or VIP tickets to them first before the general public. Post the inside scoop on your upcoming event on social media so your followers are the first to know. Once word gets out that being a part of your email list or social media has perks, everyone will want to join.

Just because your event only happens once a year doesn’t mean you have to fall off the face of the earth until next time! There are plenty of ways to keep ticket buyers involved through every season. Post memories, send reminders, promote special offers – keep engaging and watch how your event’s ticket sales grow year to year. For more tips on making your event a success, talk to us. We can help. 

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