When it comes to technology, there are so many buzz words flying around that it can be hard to keep up. A lot of sites claim to be “mobile friendly” which sounds like a good thing, right? Not exactly. Mobile friendly means a site is accessible via cell phone. You can see the website…but how it looks and functions is a different story. “Mobile-optimized” means that the version you see on your cell phone is custom tailored for a cell phone.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly sites can be a little wonky. They might display what is normally seen on a desktop, but on a screen as small as your phone’s…that requires a lot of pinching and zooming. Certain features aren’t available. Some photos won’t show up. The layout is sometimes completely skewed. Mobile friendly just isn’t always that friendly, especially when it comes to using an online ticketing platform.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile optimized means the site is made specifically to be viewed in a mobile format. Fonts and buttons are larger to view easily and formatted to fit perfectly on the screen - meaning no pinching or zooming required. The layout is completely redesigned in order to be navigable with your fingers. There’s no confusion because a smartphone user’s experience was in mind when this site was built.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike our competitors, ExtremeTix has a completely optimized mobile purchase site. We offer the most intuitive “select your own seat” option in the industry. Any feature that’s available on our desktop site is also available on mobile. Not a single feature is left behind. Our mobile sites have payment plans, upsell prompts, easy to view seating charts, etc. Our development team designs every update to our system with mobile in mind first and foremost.

Not a single feature is left behind.

Smartphones are the way of the future. With more sales than ever coming from mobile devices, it’s important for us to stay ahead when it comes to technology. We understand that purchasing a ticket is something our customers want to do quickly and easily. That’s why a mobile friendly purchase site just isn’t good enough for us. We pushed for a fully-optimized mobile site to make sure that the entire ticket buying experience is seamless no matter how it’s done. For more info on how our mobile experience can benefit your event, reach out to us.

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