Museums could be facing some changes in the upcoming year. The Federal government has not yet decided whether to fund or eliminate agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  Many art and history museums, science centers, and children’s museums count on programs and/or funding that these agencies offer. Unless something changes, there’s a big chance that funding could be in jeopardy soon. Some institutions are looking for real ways they can mitigate these losses by increasing revenue in other areas while also growing their reach and attendance.

Museum Ticketing

While most museums count on a large percentage of walk-up or in-person admissions, many do not realize there’s potential for a large amount of advance ticket sales online.  ExtremeTix has helped organizations since 1999 to grow their advance ticket sales and museum ticketing is no different. We have a variety of ways we like to help:

  • We can help implement methods to capitalize on your organization’s web traffic.  When guests are excited about coming to your museum, we help make it easy for them to buy tickets immediately. 
  • We can offer membership opportunities and take donations in the same shopping cart along with admission tickets.
  • We use our unique upsell logic to know when a guest is purchasing an admission and we can send a gentle pop-up reminder that an upgrade to member status is available and can be done immediately.
  • Your next generation patrons will feel right at home with our award-winning mobile experience.
  • Our marketing department offers help with Facebook ticketing, email marketing, social media, and other ways to boost sales.

Museum Partnership

We’re experts in increasing efficiency and maximizing revenue.  We truly partner with our clients, and when you need that kind of ticketing partnership and support to grow your business, we’re the perfect fit. At ExtremeTix, we’ve been helping clients increase revenue for over 18 years and have the experience to help you get results fast. To find out how we can help with your museum ticketing, reach out to us here

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