There are over a hundred ticketing platforms to choose from. However, there’s a difference between ticketing software and a complete ticketing solutions provider, like ExtremeTix. At ExtremeTix we don’t just give you a web page to fill in…we take care of everything ticketing. We not only create your event page, but offer personalized Account Managers, a 7 day-a-week Customer Support Center, On-Call Equipment Help, a Marketing Team, and much more.

Client Support

ExtremeTix offers something that not every ticketing platform does – client support. We have dedicated Account Managers that are assigned to you. Some ticketing providers have a call-center-type atmosphere in which a call for help might be answered by a different person every time. At ExtremeTix, your Account Manager will be dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of your event. They’ll build the event, load graphics, update promotional codes, provide on-site assistance, and walk with you every step of the way (if you want them to). You’ll never have to explain your event’s nuances over and over when you know who’s going to answer the phone.

One of our clients said it best, “They are 100% there when we need them and don’t bother us when we don’t! Doesn’t get any better than that!”


Something else that ExtremeTix provides that makes us a complete ticketing solutions provider is our Marketing department. Most ticketing platforms just provide a means to sell tickets but leave it entirely up to their client to promote it. We make sure to promote our clients through social media channels, Must See Event emails, personalized e-blasts, our B2C website, and much more. We’re always working to determine the best way to get the word out about an event and we collaborate with our clients to do so.

Customer Service

Another extremely important component that sets our ticketing platform apart is our customer service. Our call center is manned 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by a dedicated staff of representatives. If your customers have any questions or problems with a ticket, rest assured our experienced Customer Service Representatives will be able to assist them. Customers can buy tickets over the phone, have tickets sent to their email, exchange tickets, and more. You’ll never have to worry if your event’s patrons are being taken care of.

The Difference

A complete ticketing solutions provider, like ExtremeTix, provides more than just a website. We make sure the entire ticketing process, from start to finish, is seamless for clients and customers alike. From Account Management to Marketing to Equipment to Customer Service and beyond, ExtremeTix is more than just ticketing software…it’s the whole package. Ask us what we can do to make your event run smoothly. 

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