Theaters and their box offices are usually full of energy and excitement before show time. Everything needs to be perfect before the curtains go up. With several shows every week and different shows throughout the season, theaters can get really hectic behind the scenes. The last thing your staff needs to worry about is ticketing. ExtremeTix’s full-service ticketing system offers everything your theater needs to have a successful season.

Options During Checkout

Let’s face it; funding for arts organizations is not exactly what it used to be. With a decrease in cash flow, the best way to keep the theater alive is by making more revenue. ExtremeTix has a unique set of tools that we utilize online (and on mobile too) that can prompt even better sales and keep your audience happily coming back for more shows.

Here are some features our theater clients love:

  • Upsell prompts which suggest VIP upgrades, Meet and Greet opportunities, and more
  • Cross-sell options (i.e. “If you’re buying a ticket for this show, would you like to get one for the next show?”)
  • Merchandise sales on the purchase page to pre-sell keepsake posters or t-shirts
  • Subscription packages and memberships that you can offer your guests during checkout

All of these options are great ways to increase revenue and create a lasting patronage with your audience.

Data Is Key

With our pixel tracking, sales refs, google tags, customer database, and top-notch reporting, we’re also able to provide our theater clientele with extensive customer information. It’s helpful from a marketing standpoint to know your audience. In addition, some theaters like to send ‘thank you’ emails, discount codes, promotions, or offers for upcoming similar shows. This is a great way to remind your audience that if they loved the last performance, they should come back for the next show. Having that patron information is the best way to make sure they keep coming back.

Proven Success

We’re very happy to partner with theaters across the country. Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients, Slidell Little Theatre, in Louisiana:

”The implementation of ExtremeTix has meant that we have a much more consistent cash flow.  We are able to add links for purchasing tickets in our Facebook, website and e-blasts, making it very easy for our ticket buyers to get their tickets now.  In addition, we have access to information about the people who not only purchase tickets, but attend our shows.  This allows us to follow-up with them to say ‘thank you for attending our show’ and ask them how their experience was.”

Download our guide and find out why our theater ticketing stands out from the rest. 

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