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Airshows get one weekend - one chance to get it right. There are a 1,000 moving pieces when it all goes well and 10,000 when things don’t. ExtremeTix gets that!  Our people know there isn’t a week to “work out the bugs” at any airshow. With over 2,500 actual airshow performances ticketed by ExtremeTix, we have assisted in more airshows than all other ticketing platforms combined. Our team has been there, done that, and sold the souvenir T-shirt. Along with being president of the Southwest Council of Airshows, I have also been a member of ICAS since 2003 and served on multiple committees including the ICAS Board of Directors.

Airshow Ticketing Done Right

With over 50% of the airshow fan base now purchasing their tickets from their mobile device, it is especially helpful that a few years back ExtremeTix had the initiative to begin “mobile first” development goals. Every piece of code we write (and yes, we write the code) is dedicated to a mobile platform first and foremost. We see this trend moving quickly and expect that, very soon, finding a box office will be more like finding a phone booth.

One of our biggest breakthroughs in airshow ticketing has been in the development of the offline box office. This allows us to now process walk up sales in a controlled inventory method without the need for internet at the box office. So many airshows have to move their gates to an area that is not close to internet terminals. In the past, that forced them to revert to old-fashioned roll tickets for cash and the subsequent long reconciliation at the end of the day. With our new offline box office platform, volunteer sellers still get the system to help them accurately calculate sales totals and correctly apply any promotion codes and discounts all while keeping accurate counts. It is a huge win.

See What Sets Us Apart

If you are planning your first airshow we strongly recommend you come see us at the next convention or tradeshow. If you are attending either the International Council of Airshows (ICAS), Northeast Council of Airshows (NECAS), Southwest Council of Airshows (SWCAS) or Northwest Council of Airshows (NWCAS), come visit me and get a foundation for all you will need to get things moving. If you’re ready for ExtremeTix to start helping you with your existing airshow, there’s an easy method…click here for more info or call me directly at (713) 320-0809! 

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