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Count to Four

That is the average amount of time it takes for a 10,000 horsepower Top Fuel dragster to cross the 1⁄4 mile finish line at Royal Purple Raceway. Since 1988 this NHRA certified dragstrip is a highlight to many racing enthusiasts in the southern region of Texas and all over the nation. With the ability to seat 30,000 spectators Royal Purple Raceway has been the go-to location for anyone wanting to walk away with a car-induced-body-shaking experience.

"ExtremeTix was willing to adapt to our needs and their dedicated Account Managers helped greatly with the building of our events online. This allowed our office to focus more on racing."

Royal Purple Raceway

Hosting events like NHRA Spring Nationals, TX2K Events, Dirt Track Racing, and other events Royal Purple Raceway found that their time and efforts were heavily directed towards keeping up with the cars, drivers, sponsors, and track duties. “It’s a lot of work coordinating everything just right so the spectators have a great experience” explains Seth Angel, General Manager.

Royal Purple Raceway partnered with ExtremeTix back in 2009 due to their previous ticketing provider not offering the level of dedication the Angel brothers required. “ExtremeTix was willing to adapt to our needs and their dedicated Account Managers helped greatly with the building of our events online. This allowed our office to focus more on racing.” Coming from the nation’s largest ticketing provider to ExtremeTix was a profitable move.

race car at royal purple raceway houston texas

Over the years ExtremeTix has worked directly with Seth to find out how Royal Purple Raceway could increase their ticket sales and ultimately their revenue. With the addition of many new products, Seth was able to see a year over year growth in his ticket revenue. He also pays respect to the Account Managers and Marketing personnel who visit his track regularly to make sure operations run smoothly and are always looking at ways to improve the overall experience.

"Racing is my passion and I love bringing that passion to all the spectators and racers who come to my park. I leave the ticketing to ExtremeTix because I trust they will take care of all that is required. That’s their expertise, fast cars is mine."



  • My name is Betty and I am with the Reno Air Races in Reno, Nevada. In 2008 we were looking for a company with updated technology, innovative ticketing solutions, lower fees, and experience working sporting events, which led us to Extremetix. The staff and call center are very friendly, professional, and helpful, and web-based support is available 24/7. They are flexible and support a wide range of purchasing options including call center, on-site box office and online purchase and print. Our process definitely improved after the switch and I would recommend Extremetix to other events.
    Reno , NV

    Betty Kock - Reno Air Aces

  • Canton Ballet loves ExtremeTix. After decades of using paper tickets, ordered by phone or in person only, we finally decided to move with the times. It was the best decision ever. By using ExtremeTix, our box office staff has reduced and ticket sales have increased. The different accounting and customer reports have made budgeting for our season simple. It is great to be able to track different discounts and determine their success. ExtremeTix customer service is top notch and our account manager, Wes Winn, is amazing. No matter when we contact him for help, he is always there to answer all our questions and give us helpful tips. Canton Ballet would recommend ExtremeTix to anyone who is planning to do online sales.
    Canton , OH

    Canton Ballet

  • We produce outdoor music festivals for three unique radio stations, each one designed to form a personal connection with our loyal radio audience. ExtremeTix has been a long-time partner, providing valuable features like exclusive pre-sales for our most devoted listeners, coordinating special offers to coincide with on-air promotions and creating customized, trackable email campaigns. As a group of high-profile major-market radio stations, we have plenty to keep us busy, so having a partner like ExtremeTix adds huge value with their personal support and ability to multiply our marketing efforts. We treasure our partnership because it allows us to concentrate on event production.
    San Diego , CA


  • The Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo is a 10 day Show that has heavy traffic gate sales and several nights of reserved seat concerts and rodeos that are an add-on purchase to the Livestock Show. ExtremeTix provided their easy to use touch screen application to help us sell quickly and reduced our lines and provided us up to the minute reporting as each ticket scanned in. The ExtremeTix reporting gives us an accurate picture of when and how our tickets are sold and when our patrons arrive so that we can improve our scheduling and have a better snapshot of what shows and specials are driving our attendees.
    Mercedes , TX

    Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo

  • Bunnies on the Bayou was extremely pleased with the service provided by Extremetix. In their first year, Extremetix helped them double their online sales and eliminate long lines at the box office and gate at the event despite a record year.
    Houston , TX

    Bunnies on the Bayou

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