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We understand what it’s like at an airshow. It's a hectic time for you and your staff. You’re trying to get everything together and prepare for the massive influx of arriving guests. We know how you feel because we've been helping airshows take flight for years. Through our extensive knowledge we’ve developed a ticketing platform that’s the best in the industry.

ExtremeTix has sold more than 78 million tickets to airshows.The result is over $1.3 billion in revenue for our clients.

Platform Features For Airshows

The Airshow Ticketing Experts
A bold claim we are absolutely confident about!

With 13 years of experience and over 1,000 performances, we are the pinnacle of ticketing providers to the airshow industry. This is why ExtremeTix has the largest market share of airshows within the U.S. and Canada. We understand the industry, and we are not stingy with what we know. Sharing our knowledge is just the beginning of how we can help your airshow be even more successful!

What You Need for a Successful Airshow
With years of experience, we know exactly what you need.

Airshows thrive off of repeat attendees and newcomers alike. This is why our solutions have been customized to accommodate both groups. With the ability to have automated renewals for airshow veterans and spectacular marketing efforts to attract airshow rookies, we can reach them all with ease.

Easy to Implement Airshow Ticketing Experience
An airshow volunteer's best friend.

You and your staff have a multitude of logistics to manage. Ticketing doesn't need to be one of them because ExtremeTix has perfected the ticketing experience for airshows. Our system is so easy and intuitive, you can have a volunteer seller trained in about five minutes and fully proficient in six transactions. The need to have full-time experienced ticket sellers is not a requirement.

Custom Designed Airshow Ticketing
A system custom to your needs.

Not every airshow is the same, and we know how to promote them in unique ways. We want your event to be as special as possible to give audiences an experience like no one else. This is why we offer many different customizations to your ticketing experience that other companies simply do not. They include specially printed tickets for your high-dollar attendees, flexible and fast sponsor codes, multiple ticket delivery methods compatible with every generation, and so much more.

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