Ticketing Solutions Worth Every Attraction

Attractions can be memorable experiences. But a poor ticketing system  that results in long lines and delays can easily transform a fun day into frustration before even entering the gates.

With a proven record of state of the art ticketing solutions for attractions, ExtremeTix is the obvious way to go.

Platform Features For Attractions

Fast Attraction Gate Entry
Start your attendees with a fast & easy entry.

We have the industries fastest ticket scanners, allowing for precise and accurate scanning. During the brightest day or the darkest night, our scanners get the job done. With a record of scanning 366 tickets in a single minute at a venue, we know that your lines will not suffer from slow scanning. 

Reflective Reporting
Real-Time monitoring made easy.

The key to adequately staffing your gate is accurately monitoring your gate traffic. ExtremeTix's redemption reporting system was designed to provide a level of detail that promotes better staffing decisions. Know how many people you need on a specific day at a specific time.

A Variety of Ticket Types
Ticket types that are specific to your attraction.

When it comes to ticketing, attractions are known for offering a wide variety of options: One Day, Three Day, Weekend Only, VIP,  Season Passes, With Parking, Without Parking and many more. Our system is built to handle any number of ticket types and any number of tickets. We know that a larger crowd is more revenue and we want nothing more than to provide the best and most versatile ticketing experience for your attraction.

Tough Ticketing Equipment
Put them to the test - we dare you.

We understand that day after day, night after night, your gate staff is preoccupied with matters of ingress and egress. In the process, we realize scanning equipment isn't always treated with kid gloves.  We account for this by supplying ticketing scanners designed and engineered to handle the real world environments of attraction entry gates. They're also designed to stand up to inclement weather.  So on those days the sun doesn't shine, your staff still does.

We can support any type of event

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