Big Solutions for Big Crowds

We've all been at a festival anticipating the moment we can finally enjoy our favorite food, band, or other entertainment - only to be stuck outside of the gates looking in while others enjoy the time of their lives. As you grow more and more frustrated, you realize it's due to the bottleneck from slow ticket scanning occurring only a hundred feet away. ExtremeTix has the solution to make sure lines move quickly into your event.

Platform Features For Festivals

Fastest Ticket Scanning
Nothing Compares to the Speeds We Can Accomplish

We have the industry's fastest ticket scanners, resulting in precise and accurate scanning. During the brightest day or the darkest night, our ticket scanners get the job done quickly and efficiently. Long lines are the worst nightmare for festivals. With a record of scanning 166 tickets in just one minute from a single scanner, we know you won't suffer line back ups from slow scanning.

Reflective Reporting
A key to successful festivals is monitoring your gate traffic

Correctly staffing your event entry gates is essential to ensure quick ticket line movement and satisfied festival goers. ExtremeTix's system was designed to provide a level of detail that promotes more precise staffing call information. Our event data reporting system provides extremely accurate redemption numbers, so you'll know how many people to staff on specific days at specific times.

Offline Box Office
The first of its kind anywhere in the industry.

Many remote locations do not have access to hard line internet or the ability to use an air card to scan and redeem tickets. So we created the perfect solution. Our Offline Box Office option allows you to easily sell tickets, and redeem those purchased online, in a location with no internet access. You still receive all the reporting details once the final data is uploaded to our servers after the event. No internet. No problem.

A Variety of Ticket Types
We've handled almost every kind of ticket type imaginable.

Festivals are known for offering many different ticket types: General Admission, VIP, Saturday only, Sunday only, Saturday Night only, Dog tickets (yes, you read that right), parking tickets, RV tickets, and so much more. Our system is built to not only handle any number of tickets, but any specialized type of ticket.  We know a larger crowd means more revenue. ExtremeTix has the resources to provide the best ticketing experience for your festivals.

We can support any type of event

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