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Everybody loves music! From classical to rock to jazz, there's a style suited to any mood, taste or occasion. But no one loves standing in lines because of problems with redeeming tickets. As a leader in the event and ticketing industry, we have capitalized on our extensive industry knowledge and experience to develop the perfect ticketing solution missing in today’s live music market.

For nearly two decades, we have studied, adapted to, and evolved into a ticketing provider that the live music market needs.

Platform Features For Live Music

Ease of Purchase
We realize that the most daunting task can come with buying your ticket.

Where do I go?  How do I pay?  How do I get my tickets? All questions every ticket buyer needs answered. We solved this by creating an online ticket buying process that takes mere minutes to complete on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. This helps event and venue owners by starting the ticket purchase process on a high note which increases customer satisfaction and revenue.

Print-at-Home Tickets
As the pioneer of print-at-home tickets, ExtremeTix has perfected delivering tickets to your buyers.

We offer many effective options to ensure your ticket buyers can easily retrieve their tickets after purchase. Home-printed tickets also have the benefit of being designed to carry additional direct advertising. Whether promoting other events or spotlighting sponsors, there is always room to place added information on our print-at-home tickets.

Mobile Ticket Delivery
We offer mobile ticket delivery so your ticket buyer can easily use their phone to gain access to an event.

Ticket delivery has long been limited to Will Call and print-at-home. While those methods are still excellent ways to deliver tickets (and we offer both), the use of mobile devices as the terminal ticket source has become the industry standard. 

Superior Ticketing Equipment
ExtremeTix offers equipment that has proven over and over again to decrease lines and reduce errors.

Buying a ticket and having it in your hand is one thing. But being able to get into an event in an efficient, streamlined manner is the final step of a ticketing experience. No one likes lines. No one likes to have ticketing errors while just feet away from enjoying their favorite artist. This is why we have the proprietary equipment engineered to handle all the elements thrown at it and still scan with ease.

Event Ticket Security
With proprietary security, you can rest assured that our platform can catch all types of fraudulent redemption attempts.

Reprints, copy machines, and shared emails are a venue's worst nightmare when it comes to fraud or allowing entry with an already redeemed ticket. Knowing how many people have purchased and redeemed a ticket is one thing, but preventing lost revenue through fraud is another. This is where ExtremeTix shines. Our system was built with security in mind and we have the proof of performance to back it up.

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