Performing Arts

Bringing Passion Back To Ticketing

Passion drives performers to give their all before a live audience. Ballerinas, opera singers, composers, and performers alike have a drive that many of us can only imagine. Their performances are their biggest priority, so ticketing shouldn’t have to be. This is why we partner with hundreds of performances to provide easy ticketing solutions to both the theatre staff and their audience.

Your passion is performing arts; our passion is ticketing.

Platform Features For Performing Arts

Whether small and personal or large and mainstream - we are the best choice.

With the many years of experience providing theatres (or theaters, however you want to spell it) with customizable solutions, we know exactly what you need. Our large list of theatre clients love our system and how integrated it is for them. From vouchers, to transfers, to reserved seating on a mobile device - we know what it takes. We also have one of the industry's most knowledge personnel when it comes to Performing Arts.

A ballerina is only as good as her dance. A ticketing company is only as good as their software.

As one watches a ballet they see grace, composure, technique, and structure. All great things in any business. We have over a decade of technique and structure under our belts (or tutu). With so many theatres and music halls asking, we had to listen. With our proprietary software, built internally by our in-office IT team, we developed a mobile experience second-to-none. This experience allows your ticket buyers to select the very seat they desire to sit at - all from their mobile device.

Orchestras & Operas
An orchestra that performs in unison stand above the rest - as does our team.

The biggest element to an orchestra is most often said to be the composer, however no one can deny a composer is nothing without the structured performance from his orchestra. As a team, we proudly achieve excellence through structure and customer service that is leaps and bounds better than the rest. With dedicated Account Mangers to help with your venue there is no need for anything more. Take that dedication up one more notch with a team behind the Account Manager ready to assist, your performance will have the best ticketing tools and services imaginable.

Music Halls
Technology allows Music Halls to have great performances. So does our equipment for ticketing.

Many times we watch a performance and forget to realize the robust networking of technology that interweaves within Music Halls. Without that technology the performance would be flat, uneventful, and possibly boring. No matter how hard the performers try, the show just won't thrive. The same goes for ticketing. With mediocre technology, the experience is just that - mediocre. We have spent years discovering the right combination of technology that outlasts, outperforms, and provides the much needed "oomph" that venues need from their ticketing provider. Care to know that combination? Let us show you.

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