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Just as sports are driven by competition, so is the ticketing industry. Many ticketing providers offer services that work, but aren't necessarily the best. At ExtremeTix, we've been leaders in ticketing since 1999 and are proud to offer what other providers cannot.

We know exactly what you want and need - and offer just that!

Platform Features For Sports

A Complete Sports Ticketing Solution
From start to finish, we have you covered.

By offering a wide range of ticketing solutions designed to your needs, our ticketing helps your sporting events score big. With our Online Ticketing (General Admission & Reserved Seating), Box Office, Kiosks, Outlets, and a Call Center located in Houston,TX, we have the other ticketing companies beat when it comes to services we can offer your events.

Detailed Sports Ticketing Reports
Know everything about your sporting event and how to improve it.

Having access to your ticket reporting 24/7 is one thing, but being able to drill down to fine detail is another. Categories like ticket sales by seller, ticket type sold and redeemed, payment methods, and so much more are available to you with ease.

Top Notch Ticketing Security
Preventing fraud is extremely important.

Improve your revenue by eliminating fraud due to copied tickets, shared emails or sharing tickets. Our system has been designed to prevent many kinds of fraud attempts that hinder your ticket sales. This is also beneficial for overall security, as well by knowing who enters your event.

Selling Season Tickets
Increase revenue with season ticket sales.

Many sporting events love the idea of bringing back past ticket buyers. The use of season passes and renewals is a great way to accomplish this goal. We provide the industry's easiest implementation of season passes, group buys, renewals, and more to help repeat business as well as generate new sales.

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